Roger Para® Paris - French Quality For Over 50 Years


Il n’y a pas des cheveux parfaites sans la brosse à cheveux parfaite (There is no perfect hair without the perfect hair brush) 

- Roger Para

ROGER PARA®, a famous Parisian hairdresser and award winning hair stylist, has created and inspired this brand of fine, luxury hair brushes. Monsieur Para designed and hand-made the first brush in 1959 as he was unhappy with the quality and performance of other brushes. The positive feedback of his clients on the feel of the brush eventually led him to creating his own small factory where he designed different models for different hair types. Even now after 55 years, his original design of a air-cushioned paddle brush with wild boar bristles is still one of the most popular brushes from the Roger Para® range

The exceptional, unmatched quality of Roger Para® brushes has been proved and approved many times, and it is no surprise that Roger Para® has been the preferred brand among hairdressers in Europe for a long time. All brushes are exclusively designed and made in a small factory in Paris, France to ensure the highest quality control. With over 50 years of researching, designing and making hair brushes, Roger Para® has created the perfect hair brush for every hair type. 

Their wide range of brushes include ceramic round brushes, special antistatic brushes that sooth and revitalise the hair, brushes to gently untangle unruly hair, beauty brushes for sensitive hair and the top of the line red-cushioned massage brush made with European wild boar bristles. Most of the brushes are ‘pneumatique’ or air-cushioned for a superior, soft feel while brushing (100% natural rubber). The light-weight design and smooth, comfortable handle of Roger Para® brushes makes it the ideal brush for the professional. 

Every brush is introduced in detail here.

With more than 15 years experience in selling these exceptional brushes to professionals in Europe, we are excited to finally be able to introduce this exclusive brand to Australian hairdressers and their clientele.

Due to Roger Para's® outstanding reputation among hairdressers in Europe, the introduction to the Australian market was a logical next step. La Brosse De Luxe is the only authorised importer of Roger Para® hair brushes in Australia. 

We sell directly to wholesalers, suppliers and salons in Australia. Individual customers can buy Roger Para® brushes through a few select stockists. If you are interested in stocking Roger Para® hair brushes in your salon or store or would like a price list please get in touch with us using the contact form. Alternatively you can contact us directly. 


Roger Para® is a registered trademark.